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Staff Directory

The 2016-2017 Staff Directory is in each buildings P drive.
You can browse to it on your computer, or you can copy your building link and paste it into Windows Explorer:
ACCESS: \\ccs-staff\PUBLIC\ACCESS\Staff_Directory
ADMIN: \\ccs-staff\PUBLIC\ADMIN\Staff_Directory
CES: \\ccs-staff\PUBLIC\CES\Staff_Directory
CCMS: \\ccs-staff\PUBLIC\CCMS\Staff_Directory
CCHS: \\ccs-staff\PUBLIC\CCHS\Staff_Directory
Choice Points: \\ccs-staff\PUBLIC\CP\Staff_Directory
Harrison: \\ccs-staff\PUBLIC\HARR\Staff_Directory
Lincoln: \\ccs-staff\PUBLIC\LINC\Staff_Directory
McKinley: \\ccs-staff\PUBLIC\MCKI\Staff_Directory
MVCKS: \\ccs-staff\PUBLIC\MVCK\Staff_Directory
Warehouse: \\ccs-staff\PUBLIC\WAMA\Staff_Directory
Washington: \\ccs-staff\PUBLIC\WASH\Staff_Directory
1. Select the windows key from your computer: Windows logo key
Picture of the Windows logo key
2. Paste this into the path field:
3. Browse to your building directory and locate the "Staff_Directory2016-2017" folder