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Staff Rave Page

Did somebody go out of their way for you today? Do something nice? An Act of Kindness? Would you like to say a quick RAVE about them? Click here to send a RAVE


The Staff Rave Page

Submitted Raves...

12/17/18 I wanted to acknowledge Colleen Carroll, she is absolutely wonderful. She is reliable, caring, compassionate and amazing. She took the time out of her busy day to help me with something work related that has been HIGH STRESS for me. Means so much when somebody can drop what they are doing and is always willing to help. Lucky to have her! - Elizabeth Gamache


9/6/18 Scott Witkowski! iLearn Tutoring -  You may not know it but many of us at CCHS really appreciated your help during our Schoology training. You were and are very kind and helpful. THANK YOU!! - JoAnn Ewing

8/22/18 I want to thank my favorite office mate Elizabeth Gamache for providing me with some lip color for pictures today. I would have looked drained and wasted out without it! She's a life saver. - Jamie Davis

8/22/18 Mike Fry!!! I just wanted to say thanks for all that you do! A ton of your work is done behind the scenes...and IS unnoticed by so many people. You are like a Jedi, a wizard, ... The work you do is time consuming and hard work and lately has been more difficult because of the problems with IC support. Good Job Mike, thank you for all that you do! - Elizabeth Gamache

8/22/18 Thank you to Shelia Robeson, Judy Minnick and Kelly Trainor for working over the summer helping with Online Registration! You three are the best! - Elizabeth Gamache
2/10/17 Thank you to the District Tech department for seeing that my technology is up and running, enabling me to present technology enriched curriculum to my students. I sure appreciate all of you! ~ Mimi Dolan

2/6/17  want to give a HUGE shout out to Rachel Arsenault. Recently, I have submitted a couple of tech work orders, she was very prompt and efficient when addressing my tech issues! Thanks Rachel and thanks the rest of the TECHIES! :) I appreciate you all! ~ Kari Holcomb

A big Thank You to Preston Loeber and the maintenance crew who moved several boulders to block cars from parking and backing up into McKinley's double crosswalk. This was a huge help in keeping McKinley students safe while crossing the street. - Mark Lyons

1/13/17  Just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to the guys in Maintenance and Grounds for helping with snow removal over the Christmas Break! COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT ALL OF YOU!! It amazes me how we all can come together and get a job done! Thank you to Jeff Peterson for helping in acquiring a new snow blower for McKinley!! It will be a huge help for us this year and for many years to come........like a dream come true! Brenda Gould Head Custodian McKinley Elementary

10/13/16 Shout out to Karen Rogers for an amazing Book Fair! She works so hard for the students and staff at CCMS. She is the sweetest gift to everyone around her. - Nicole Root

10/10/16 Mike has saved me so much time by giving me a tutorial on building data templates and data groups in Alpine. Because of that our staff at CCHS have student data at their fingertips! - Gayle Hinrichs

8/18/16 Super thanks to Hunter and the IT department for reattaching my phone line and internet. You are the best!!! - Tonia Freehling

8/11/16 Great job to Casey Bursha for doing such an amazing job with the New Teacher Orientation. Your hard work paid off!

8/2/16 A big thank you to Micheal Geesaman and his crew who moved my boxes to my new office. Also a another BIG thank you for all the folks at the warehouse who have made feel so welcomed in my new space. Transition is always hard, but they made this part very easy! Patti is especially lovely and Elizabeth has good taste in music. 

8/2/16 Shelia Robeson, Kristen Solano, Kelly Trainer, Colleen Carroll, Judy Minnick, Carol Smith,  - Thank you SO Much to these ladies for all their help with Online Pre-Registration! And Thank you Patty Pacheco for all your help approving applications. ~ Elizabeth Gamache


8/2/16 Shelia Robeson, Kristen Solano, Colleen Carroll, Judy Minnick, Carol Snow - Thank you SO Much to these ladies for all their help with Online Pre-Registration! ~ Elizabeth Gamache


1/13/16 Shout out to the IT department for always being so helpful! They are always working so hard to meet all the needs and work orders of the district! Thank you to Mike Fry for saving the day! ~Anonymous 


12/7/15 The entire Canon City School District - Thank you for your support thoughts an d prayers.  Everyone has been so generous and understanding I cant thank you all enough and express how much I appreciate all of you!  We are a wonderful District. - Terri Solano

11/3/15 Props to Jeff Biemiller!  Thanks for tracking down the electrical problem dealing with the boilers!  Well done man! - CCS Staff

11/3/15 Belinda Angerman & Maudie Colvin thank you for all the great things you do for children of all ages! "Sometimes a little thing can be quite important" -Marry Poppins I appreciate you both and I appreciate you always being such a joy to be around. Thank You!! Patty Pacheco

10/5/15 Casey BurshaMuch thanks to Casey Bursha for spending time and efforts straightening out my class credits! ~Wendy Hofmann

9/30/15 Cheryl Allbrant - Cheryl was the substitute Math teacher at McKinley Elementary for 2nd grade yesterday. My daughter had her as her teacher and would not stop talking about how amazing she was when she got home. Thanks for making such a positive impact on my daughter, you are super sweet and I hope you like the letter she wrote you! (gotta figure out how to get that to you!) ~ Elizabeth Gamache

9/30/15 Josh Race! You are the best Zumba instructor! Fabulous choice of music! Your energy keeps the class motivated and fun. The district is lucky to have you. Thank you! Looking forward to more classes. - Anonymous

9/17/15 To Washington School, especially Tracey Hash, for supporting multicuturalism in school and helping our students succeed! ~Dena Richter

9/16/15 This is extremely late, but I would like to give a shout-out to Elizabeth Gamache! During the Dental Clinic, we were asked to send out a "Robo-call" to all contacts within Infinite Campus regarding the clinic and the need for more people to take advantage of the free dental services being offered.  She stepped up on her day off and helped out! This is just one example of the many wonderful things that Elizabeth does for our District!!  You ROCK, Elizabeth and I appreciate you SO much! ~  Misty Manchester

8/20/15 Way to go Adam Hartman you did a GREAT job with the PD fair again this year!!  Thank you for having relevant sessions for staff! - Gayle Hinrichs

8/20/15 I want to offer a gigantic thank you to Heather Williams and the entire nutritional services department for the wonderful breakfast and lunch they prepared for all of our employees.  You guys rock! - George Welsh 

8/18/15 Thank You Pam Randleman, Don Skube, Bill Blankenhorn, Audrey Duprie & Cheri Ragsdale for all your extra hard work during the dental clinic. - Jeff Peterson

8/18/15  Harrison School Janitorial Staff I would like to personally thank the Harrison School Janitorial Staff for the love the have for their school. Just hours ago their school was a mobile dental clinic. They were so caring and went above and beyond. I am so thankful I was able to meet them and now have new friends in the district. - Pam Caprio

7/31/15  Kristen Solano - Wow. I feel like a Queen. I am helping with Registration today and Kristen Solano delivered a fresh cup of coffee in a blue mug, hooked up my laptop to have dual monitor (because it makes me feel like I work for the NASA command center), speakers for my music, a mouse and power strip, and A comfy chair. What a SUPER SWEET BFF Coworker! You are out of this world! Thanks Kristen!! Terri Solano attempted to be a one-upper and delivered a giant hot sticky bun and offered to feed it to me. I could get used to this, except for the sugar coma! ~ Elizabeth


7/27/15  I want to thank Colleen Carroll for the great work she did coordinating the back to work inservice for secretaries and building leaders! ~George Welsh

7/14/15Wanted to give a shout out to a couple of our Online Pre-Registration helpers at the district office! Kim Valentine & Shelia Robeson. You are doing awesome and I appreciate your help SO MUCH!! - Elizabeth Gamache

7/14/15 Very impressed with CCHS teachers Steve Carter, Heidi Hubinger, Michelle Curl, Marcy Epperson, Dana Kalipolites, Sean Murphy, Bill Summers, Deb Crockett, Jennifer VanIwarden spending precious summer break time doing a book study.  I have no doubt each of you will once again be teaching like champions this fall!  PS: I apologize if I missed anyone else who was there! - George Welsh

7/10/15 Shaun Kohl, I want to thank Shaun Kohl for bending over backwards to get me up an running with technology as I take on my new duties! - George Welsh

7/9/15 George Welsh, Super impressed with your tech saavy & social media skills. Loved the Throw Back Thursday picture you posted and the link to your Echos from Canon weekly publication. Excited to have you post more since it is such an excellent communication tool to have for our district! - Elizabeth Gamache

7/9/15 Colleen Carroll, Kristen Solano, Terri Solano, Josh Johns, Raynette Douglas, Raynette's neiece, Zoey Manchester & Priscilla Welsh. Thank you so much for helping get the Post Cards out for Online Pre-Registration. You gals ROCK! - Elizabeth Gamache

5/29/15 Mike Fry and Andy Fisher.  Thank you for all your help with graduation, the live video feed and slide show.   This feature allowed so many more people the opportunity to attend and enjoy graduation being weather did not allow the ceremony to be outside.  Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. - Jeff Peterson

5/14/15 Kristen  Solano  took   AWESOME photos  during  our  retirement  celebration  at  the  Abbey last week!  Thanks, Kristen! - Kim Kirkman

5/12/15 Thank-you Carol Smith for all your hard work in helping us with address changes, parent portal requests and household clean-up. You are a treasure and a joy to work with.  Thanks for all you do! - Kristen Solano

5/12/15 Mike Fry (Computer guy) was a life saver during our last round of PARCC testing, I called him frantic at 7:30 one morning as we had computers not booting up, he was in the building 15 minutes later to assist us.  Roger Tuttle, was also a huge help, he spent many hours in the building after the normal day to make sure our computers were up and running, even re-imaging them on the spot as needed. Thanks both of you, CCHS testing was a smooth as it can be due to the help of you gentlemen!!!!! - Gayle Hinrich

5/5/15 The CCHS Kitchen staff are AWESOME! they went out of the way to accommodate my dietary needs today at lunch!  Thanks so much!!!! - Brenda King

5/5/15 Mary Epperson & Brian VanIwarden -  A huge shout out to Marcy Epperson and Brian Vaniwarden!  Thank you so much for everything you do with the YETI program. I can't wait to see this program continue to grow each year! Thank you! Kaylee Pacheco

5/4/15 Tonya Wolf - What an awesome job Tonya Wolf is doing!! She came by the school today to visit with one of our chronically truant kidos. She is building relationships with kids and encouraging them to be at school and it's working! This student's attendance has improved dramatically in the last few months. Way to go Tonya!! Thanks for caring about the kids on your caseload. You're making a lasting difference in their lives! - Jocelyn Chisholm

5/1/15 Wanted to rave about my department, The IT Department. Roger gave me a giant backup for my laptop to ensure when, and if, my computer crashes I won't cry... ROGER, you are awesome. Hunter always shows me cool IT stuff and makes the best Chewbacca impression. Kristen always makes me smile with her GIFs and is a reliable person to have around. Mike is one of my most favorite people in the whole entire UNIVERSE. Shaun works his hiney off and is incredible, super glad he is my supervisor. - Elizabeth Gamache

4/17/15 A great big rave for Brian Salameno and Ryan McCullogh for helping our 7th graders build boxes for our new Community Edible Garden.  They brought in tools and donated a lot of their time working on and teaching the kids how to build our raised beds.  Thanks for all you do to enrich the lives of our kids!! - Kelly Albrecht

4/16/15 Cloyce Mann and Jake Mouriquand: Thank you so much for coming to my office in such a timely manner and hanging up all my decorations! You both have such a high quality workmanship. Thank you! - Anonymous

4/9/15 Thanks for lunch Kristin Solano you are the best!! I love working with you as you always have a smile ! - Anonymous

4/9/15 JODY McKEAN is an AWESOME "right hand" Testing is a big bear as you all know but with the help of Jody we manage to get over 700 students tested in a timely manner.  Thanks Jody I couldn't do it without you!!! - Gayle Hinrichs

4/9/15 Vicki Topash is an awesome paraprofessional!  She goes above and beyond everyday.  She is very good at what she does and is very passionate!  She is a great asset to CES. Thanks for all you do for the kids and for me everyday! - Anonymous

4/9/15 Thank you so much to Terri Solano for helping me with questions that I had while I was renewing my license!  You rock!! - Kari Holcomb

4/9/15 This is WAY over-due, but a HUGE shout-out needs to go to JEFF PETERSON for saving the day for Harrison's Knowledge Bowl Team by bringing a spare tire to us when we were stranded in Fountain. It made his day ridiculously long, and he was nothing but nice about it. Truly amazing! What a blessing!!!! THANKS!!!! - Melanie Smith

4/9/15 Brenda King always goes above and beyond for me.  She was very helpful while I was renewing my license!  Thanks Brenda! - Kari Holcomb

4/9/15 I would like to thank Mike Fry, Shad Johnson and Larry Oddo for taking time out of their busy day to judge at Community B and C's Science Fair at CES. They did an awesome job and I really appreciate them!!  Thanks again guys!!  :) - Kari Holcomb

4/9/15 Thanks to Colleen Carroll for always being so kind, professional and helpful.  Colleen fixed something for me in the Infinite Campus system.  Thanks again Colleen!!! - Kari Holcomb

4/9/15 Lacey LeDoux always goes WAY beyond expectations and works so diligently for her students. I am so grateful that she is with the GATE department! - Shyla Swisher

4/8/15 Jamie Boring - Just wanted to recognize Jamie Boring for her efforts in promoting Health and Wellness among staff and students. - Bill Betts

4/8/15 Kindergarten Roundup Helpers! - Great job to all our school secretaries and staff helping out with Kindergarten Roundup! Always a busy time, and we appreciate all the extra work you do for this event to make it smooth for parents.

4/8/15 CCHS Counselors & Counseling Secretary - Wanted to say thanks for working so hard working with students to get them a 15-16 schedule. An exciting time for students to be able to select what classes they want to take and a ton of preperation on your part to make this happen. THANK YOU! - Elizabeth Gamache

4/8/15 Shaun Kohl- Wanted to say thanks for being such a WONDERFUL supervisor and for all the hard work you do every day, you are fantastic. - Elizabeth Gamache

4/8/15 McKinely Staff/PTO and Wellness Staff - What a great night Community Night was for parents and students. Lots of fun tables, great food and an awesome Book Fair! Thanks for all your hard work McKinley!! - Elizabeth Gamache

3/17/15 I would like to RAVE about the 7th Grade team at Harrison - helping me through the testing today, Thanks so MUCH!

3/16/15 I would like to give a 'shout-out' to Dena Brady for her scheduling ability. PARCC is difficult to schedule around, but with her skills CES planning times and schedule didn't miss a beat. YOU ROCK DENA! - Lisa Bryan

3/6/15 I would like to give a HUGE Rave to the IT staff - Elizabeth Gamache, Kristen Solano, Roger Tuttle, Hunter Dean-Moore, and Mike Fry.  You are what makes this job fun and enjoyable.  I truly appreciate all the hard work each of you do and your enthusiasm to help district staff and students.  THANK YOU SO   - MUCH!!! - Shaun Kohl

3/4/15 Hunter Dean-Moore - Yesterday during PARCC, I was not receiving the help I needed and I called Hunter who was immediately able to help and calm me at the same time. I appreciate his willingness to always take my calls and offer his advice. I don't know what I'd do without his help. - Lisa Bryan

3/3/15 Thanks to everyone who has helped kick off our assessments on such a positive note!!  Nick Carochi

2/27/15 I wanted to say THANK YOU to the amazing grounds crew JEFF PETERSON, PRESTON LOEBER, JOE FACKRELL that clear the parking lot on snowy days!! :) Thank you soooo much, it's very much appreciated!! - Sheri Moore

2/24/15 Roger Tuttle - ADDA Sponsor @ CCHS -  

Roger has worked during and after school hours to save the CAD Lab at CCHS from disaster.  Our computers were dying off almost daily from failing capacitors and other components.  With no money in replacement funds Roger helped us to develop a set of software that can go on to any donated or recycled computer we can get.  Thanks Mr. Tuttle for hanging in there and helping us overcome the pending disaster in our CAD Lab. American Digital Design students @ CCHS  

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2/19/15 Gayle Hinrichs and all the FABULOUS CCHS Staff with whom I get to work!  I sincerely appreciate the genuine sense of teamwork and collaboration as we attempt to work with youth.  Every request has been professionally and graciously accommodated and every person with whom I work are so pleasant!  You folks ROCK!!!!! - Kathy Herrin

2/19/15 Shannon Daly - I've never met a more hard-working, dedicated teacher in my life! I'm so thankful for going over and beyond in educating my Grandson, Andrew. - Annie Goodwin

 1/9/15 Pam and Don Skube, thank you guys so much for all you do. Not only do you help to keep our building clean but you get up so gosh darn early to keep not only the kids but us safe!!!! Thank you so much for your hard work : ) - Rachel

1/5/15 Cloyce Mann and Jeff Biemiller--Thank you for building our cart to house our netbooks.  You guys are so creative and innovative and I appreciate all you do for McKinley.  Thanks bunches! - Drenda Manning

12/18/14 WOW Todd Albrecht & Arlene Watson...THANK YOU for coming to CCMS this morning and performing!! As usual, it was FANTASTIC.  :) It's always such a joy seeing our former students perform.  You both do a wonderful job with those kids, and it was a Magical start to the day! Thanks Again!!! - Sheri Moore

12/10/14  Thank you so much Michael Geesaman for all your work helping me with getting my packages delivered! You are awesome!!!! - Jade Ownbey-Lopez

12/05/14 Mike Fry is AMAZING!! Thank you for setting up our lap tops for the STAR tests. - Kim McConnon

12/05/14 I am so grateful for the help of Michael Fry, Gwen Bradbury,  Michelle Carstens, Joe Mascarenas, Alixe Neville, Kim McConnon, and Melissa Hollan during the STAR testing for the 4th and 5th graders.  Everyone was incredibly helpful, hands on, problem solving, flexible, and pure joy to work with.  I am so lucky to get to work with such great people!  - Melissa Scott

10/24/14 Terri Solano - Wanted to say thank you to Terri for printing my class handouts for my IT classes I am teaching. She is a lifesaver!!!! Thanks Terri!  - Elizabeth Gamache

10/24/14 Kristen Meuli - Just wanted to give a shout out to Kristen Meuli who has been in charge of keeping household data clean. This includes addresses. The addresses are so CLEAN! Thank you for all your hard work! - Elizabeth Gamache

10/22/14 Todd Albrecht, Arlene Watson: I would just like to say what an AMAZING job Todd Albrecht and Arlene Watson do with the kids in their program.  We attended the Fall Concert last night at CCHS, and I'm always blown away by the talent!   - Sheri Moore

10/22/14 Jeff Peterson, School Board and Adminstration: Thank you also to Jeff Peterson, School Board and the Administration in supporting them getting new lighting and sound system; everything was AWESOME! :-) Keep up the GREAT work! - Sheri Moore

10/14/14 CCMS: Today, during Buck The System Day, I was impressed by the Library that Karen Rogers has decorated to create an adventurous, fun reading environment for the middle school kids. Also, Karen has done such an awesome job keeping the computers and technology running smooth at this school. Karen is awesome. One more thing, the front office new paint job looks amazing! - Elizabeth Gamache

10/14/14 Washington School: Today, during Buck The System Day, I couldn't help but notice how SPECTACULAR the Washington hallways looked. Student work and artwork galore! Such a great place to be! :) Elizabeth Gamache

10/14/14 Trish Weatherill: Want to thank Trish Weatherill for all her work, dedication, and efforts during these first few months on the job as Lincoln School's new secretary.  She has gone above and beyond to learn this new job.  She is fantastic with people and great with all the paperwork too!!! - Tammy DeWolfe

9/29/14 Jennifer Miller: at Canon City Middle School is the most helpful person you would ver meet; both to staff and students. Any time you need help with ANYTHING, you can count on Mrs. Miller. She is truly a "class act", and deserves to be raved about!  High Fives, Knuckle Bumps, and Thumbs Up to Jennifer Miller.! - Vicki Smith

9/28/14 Elizabeth Gamache:  Thank you for ALWAYS keeping the district websites up-to-date.  I am always able to find what I need.  Your hard work and dedication are very much appreciated. - JoAnn Burger

9/28/14 Mike Fry:  A HUGE shout out to Mike Fry, who went above and beyond today to help us with a unique project.  We so appreciate his knowledge of IPads and technology!  Mike....You Rock! - Brenda King and Dr. Mark Guthmiller

9/23/14 Cloyce Mann and Jake Mouriquand: A big thank you to Cloyce Mann and Jeff Mouriquand for building and installing the shelf in my area.  You did a wonderful job....I appreciate you both very much. - Colleen Carroll

8/28/14 Sharon Schott: Whenever my 3 year old visits my classroom and Sharon Schott is next door working, he always asks if he can go get some Cheetos. Sharon does a great job spoiling my two young kids by offering them candy, drinks, and of course, Cheetos. Thank you Sharon for your generosity and ability to please me kids. I'm happy that you're my classroom neighbor. - Scott Witkowsky

8/18/14 Luarie Bussey, Patricia Weatherill, Norma VanGorder: Just wanted to give a shout out to our new secretaries! Thank you so much for getting through Registration, and the start of school chaos and NOT QUITTING! Very stressful time, and a hard time to come in fresh. You guys rock! You all have been doing an amazing job, you are quick learners and a great asset to our district and schools. Thank you so much! - Elizabeth Gamache

8/18/14 Rich Garvin: Thank you Rich Garvin for making our entrance presentable and on such short notice! Rich even made our back entrance look awesome! We really appreciate your help and hard work.

8/18/14 Nick Carochi, Adam Hartman, Josh Johns: We would like to commend Nick Carochi, Adam Hartman, and Joshua Johns for their hard work in creating a PD setting that met the needs of all staff! We loved attending all the classes. Thank you for your time and effort! - Lisa Bryan and Stacy Andrews

8/18/14 Nick Carochi, Adam Hartman, Josh Johns: Josh Johns, Adam Hartman, and Nick Carochi - Just wanted to RAVE about the great PD opportunity to start our 2014-2015 year off - Thank you! - Kim McConnon

8/15/14 Nick Carochi, Adam Hartman, Josh Johns: What a WONERFUL IDEA and a FANTASTIC JOB these guys did with coordinating and creating a PD Fair for our staff! GREAT JOB! Let's do more! - Elizabeth Gamache

8/15/14 Kristen Solano: Wow, this girl is just amazing! She helps the IT department SO MUCH! Thank you for being the best Secretary/Programs Assistant EVER! - Elizabeth Gamache

7/28/14 Elizabeth Gamache:  I want to publicly acknowledge all of the hard work  by Elizabeth Gamache to make online registration easier at the high school.  With a little over 1000 people to deal with we sometimes have some interesting dilemmas that she solves very quickly to keep us up and running smoothly.  She never hesitates to answer our calls for help!!  THANKS BETH, WE COULDN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU!!!!! - Gayle Hinrichs

7/28/14 Sherrie Fackrell & Keri Peterson: were such a huge help and support to me this summer.  You went way beyond the call of duty and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you! - Leeann Mittelsted

7/28/14 Mary Blowers and Vicki Knapp: are the most supportive, awesome administrators around.  I appreciate you guys and all the staff at Harrison School more than I can possibly express.  Thanks! - Leann Mittelsted

7/9/14 Colleen Carroll: Colleen is AWESOME! She is always helpful, even when she is busy. Always willing to drop what she is doing and is never grumbling under her breath. THANK YOU COLLEEN for helping me with the TSDL data collection for CDE State Reporting. You are awesome!!! - Elizabeth Gamache

6/20/14 CES Custodians - Brian Salameno & Ryan McCullough: I want to RAVE about our amazing CES custodians!  Thanks for going the extra mile, gentlemen!  Your positive attitudes and willingness to help in so many ways have made a huge difference for me, the CES staff, and our students!!  THANKS SO MUCH for all you do!!! - Beth Gaffney

5/23/14 Scott Morton, Jill Decker & Matt DiOrio: Thank you for being the best team anyone could ever imagine.  Your kindness, cohesiveness, and camaraderie have been priceless.  I love you guys!!! - JoAnn Burger

5/23/14 Ken Trujillo and Kelsey Moore: Thank you for treating me with the utmost honor and consideration this school year.  You truly rolled out the red carpet for me this year and treated me like a queen.  I love you both!!! - JoAnn Burger

5/23/14 Roger Tuttle: Roger, Thank you so much for always going out of your way to help me!!! You are a SUPER, SWELL GUY who always has a great attitude and is friendly. - Elizabeth Gamache

5/23/14 Kristen Solano: It has been so wonderful working next to Kristen Solano.  It makes me smile when I hear her working with people in such a friendly, helpful manner.  She always has a smile and giggle.  Thank you for being so helpful and all about "Customer Service." - Colleen Carroll

5/21/14 Brenda King: Brenda King, Thank you so much for REALLY helping me out with the Warehouse order. - Sandy Vickerman

5/21/14 Raynette Douglas: Raynette, thank you for cleaning the paint off the windows frpm Blossom! You are awesome! - Elizabeth Gamache

5/21/14 JoAnn Burger: I just wanted to send a shout out to JoAnn Burger for working SO hard with her 8th grade math students in passing the Algebra entrance exam. With the challenges she faced this year, she has not given up on any student.  Thank you for all your hard work and putting your heart and soul into your classroom!  - Dolly Gonzales

5/16/14 Nick Carochi: Thank you Nick Carochi for your positive attitude, professionalism, creative problem solving, and support to us technology teachers during this new round of on-line assessments! - Mark Lyons

5/5/14 Kathy Murphy: No one sees all the hard work you put in for your students to help them with assignments, improve their knowledge, and support them in class. Thank you for caring so much and helping so many! - Anonymous

4/28/14 Adam Hartman: Thank you Adam for going out of your way to help my daughter with her 14-15 CCHS Schedule and for your advisement. YOU ARE AWESOME! - Elizabeth Gamache

4/28/14 Glenda Macklin: Awesome District Science Fair - thank you for getting it organized. - Kim McConnon

4/24/14 Elizabeth Gamache: Thank  you for being our ADDA Web Site Advisor.
Spending time to help kick off the web banner design assignment and for judging the entries when finished. You're a rgeat help to me and a motivator for the students.  Hope you can continue to help us every year.   - Mike Geesaman

4/24/14 Mr. Shad Johnson - School Board Member: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to spend an entire hour in our classroom listening to the students persevere through the most effective way to factor quadratic trinomials.  Your attentiveness was quite inspiring! - JoAnn Burger

4/23/14 Karen Rogers and Audra Knoedler: Thank you for the PERFECT job setting up the tablets for my classroom. When Microsoft tries to recruit you, remember that you belong at CCMS. - JoAnn Burger

4/22/14 Sarah Ley, Kristi Elliott and Brandon Hopper:These wonderful people have done such an awesome job with the Wellness Program. The Lose to Gain program was a success and so happy they are doing it again. Great job encouraging staff to be fit!!!!

4/22/14 Susan Revack: Just wanted to say thank you to Susan for posting pictures to FB on the McKinley page, and always making the effort to email pictures for the web site about McKinley Elementary! GREAT JOB! - Elizabeth

4/22/14 Elizabeth Gamache: Thank you Elizabeth for the amazing art on the front window!! Your talent never ceases to amaze!! I'm emailing you a picture, please attach to rave and yes Elizabeth I will be checking to make sure you post this... LOL - Melissa Waggener

4/22/14 IT Department:  Wanted to give a GIANT slap on the back to the IT Department for teaching IT Professional classes. This is a huge benefit for other staff and a great opportunity for staff to learn more about technology. SO... SHAUN, ROGER, HUNTER, MIKE, ELIZABETH and KRISTEN... THANK YOU!!!!! Especially Hunter, he is a CHAMP! - Anonymously Anoymous.

4/16/14 Student Services, IT Staff and Tech Teachers: Just wanted to say how much work  Nick and Colleen have put into the CMAS testing, THANK YOU! The IT Department has done a TON to ensure the CMAS testing goes smoothly for the students and teachers, they have been awesome with Support. The Tech Teachers have been FANTASTIC and patient while the bumps were worked out. Thank you for all that you do! - Anonymous

4/16/14 MVCKS Custodial, Maintenance and Office Staff:  I just want to give a shout out to the MVCKS custodial, maintenance, and office staff. You all go ABOVE and BEYOND everyday to make the school run so well. The whole staff notices!!!! Thank you!!! - Anonymous

4/11/14 Art Teachers:  Thank you to all the Art teachers for putting on the Art Show at the Fremount County Art Center. Tons of work and preperation, great teachers, and WONDERFUL ART to display! THANK YOU!

4/11/14 Patty Pacheco:  Patty has done a great job keeping the guys in-line downstairs in the Warehouse. She is always very helpful, friendly, makes yummy treats and is just a great person! Thanks for your positive energy! - Elizabeth Gamache

4/8/14 CCMS Secretarial Staff:  This is a shout out to all the secretrial staff at CCMS: Cindy Lamanna, Sheri Moore, Kelly Cosper, and Jocelyn Chisholm.  You ladies are always so helpful, pleasent and kind.  Thank you for all you do everyday to make the rest of us all feel welcome in our building! ~Anonymous

4/2/14 Shirlee Brule:  is always so helpful and willing to serve. I admire her organization and her mad skills at keeping our school running smoothly. Thank you Shirlee! - Jamie Davis

4/2/14 Mike McDaniel:  and the custodial staff at CCMS, you are my heroes!!! Thank you for always taking care of me and my crazy needs. From meeting me so early in the morning to escort me into the building in dark, helping me carry my mass amounts of garb, fixing all the problems in my class, including my crazy idea to paint ceiling tiles, removing permanent marker from the hallway floor (oops), to setting up all electronics needed for my anti bulling assembly, and so much more. You always helps with a smile, and a, "you got it!" I never hear any of you complain,  you always do your best, and go the extra mile.  I know I can speak for CCMS, when I say, "you are appreciated and valued, we could not do what we do without you."  Thank you for all you do! - Sheryl Wiseman

4/1/14 Wendy Conley: Thank you for all the hard work and dedication during the TCAP assessments.  Your organization made the process smooth and seemless!  Thank you for all you do for McKinley! - Drenda Manning

4/1/14 Shirlee Brule: Shirlee Brule is always so helpful and willing to serve.  I admire her organization and her mad skills at keeping our school running smoothly.  Thank you Shirlee! - Jaime Davis

3/21/14 - Monica McGowan: is the MOST AMAZING Librarian EVER! I've never seen someone work so hard and put in so many extra hours. There are times she is at work until 7:30 and has a working lunch to meet the demands of the kids in the library. I appreciate her positive and inquisitive interactions with all the kids and staff. She is truly remarkable! - Lisa Bryan

3/20/14 - Elizabeth Gamache: Thank you for always being so kind, helpful and supportive.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate you. Anytime I or anyone else needs help you are always right there to lend your help. Thank you for all you do! - Krisen Solano

3/19/14Mike Geesaman: Mike occasionally stops by my office to ask a question or show me something new. Today he showed me this really cool software that he is using with his students. This guy has passion for his students, technology and learning that is OUT OF THIS WORLD! And, I will add, he always goes out of his way if you need something. Thank you for all that you do for our students and for our district. - Elizabeth Gamache

3/19/14Terri Solano: Thank you to Terri Solano for the wonderful Customer Service you provide at the District Office. It has been noticed and APPRECIATED!  Way to go Terri!! - Colleen Carroll

3/18/14Colleen Carroll: Colleen Carroll is awesome. Colleen has the greatest attitude and is immensly helpful. Thank you Colleen, for all of your help and hard work! You need a Super Hero Cape! - Melissa Dewey

3/17/14The IT Dept: To Roger, Hunter, Mike, Kristen and Shaun...You guys and gal make my job awesome because you make me laugh. I look forward to work and meetings, ESPECIALLY when I know I will get to be around all of you. I appreciate all of you and your technology talents! All of you are SMART.. and FUNNY. What luck! :) - Elizabeth Gamache

3/17/14Krystal Wyatt: thank you for always presenting me with the silver lining even when I'm determined to overlook it. Your ability to always find the good in a situation is remarkable. - Lisa Bryan

3/17/14Cindy Sturch: You always remember to think of me when you get to the end of the Gummi-bear bag. Thank you for the smile today! - Lisa Bryan

3/13/14Adam Hartman: If I won the lottery (or when I win the lottery), I plan to quit my job for at least a year so that I can shadow Adam Hartman.  Adam's wisdom about the world and children is impeccable.  Thank you, Adam, for ALWAYS teaching me something new and valuable EVERY time I see you. - JoAnn Burger

3/12/14 - MVCKS Staff: I would like to thank the staff at MVCKS for going above and beyond every day to do whats best for kids. You are great examples of how positve attitudes and team work make a learning environment so successful! I appreciate you! - Karen Sartori

3/12/14- Megan Konty, Linda McSchooler and Jenny Stevens: I would like to give the paras that I work with every day a great big THANK YOU! We are a great team and enjoy the fun that we have! Thanks girls, we rock!!  - Tonya Wolf

3/12/14- Scott Witkowsky: A huge shoutout to my partner in Student Council at CCHS, Scott Witkowsky! You are such a great colleague and friend, and I would not be able to advise Student Council without you! Looking forward to many years to come! - Marcy Epperson

3/12/14- CES Staff: I just want to thank the CES staff for working so hard the last two weeks!  Thank you, Thank you for working with the dual TCAP scheduling and supporting each other through testing.  YOU ARE WONDERFUL!! - Anonymous

3/12/14- James Krumm: James goes above and beyond for our team and our students.  He is very rarely seen without a smile and a friendly word.  Kudos to all that James does! - KS

3/12/14-Yvonne Engelbrecht, Jeff States, Mike McDaniel, Wade Morgan: We couldn't have made it through our TCAP Week activities without our custodians, Mike, Wade, Yvonne and Jeff. They covered many miles, moved many things, and kept such a positive attitude every day. I am grateful they are a part of our CCMS family!  - Karen Rogers

3/12/14Mike Fry: He always goes out of his way to help and never says "no", "I can't", "too hard"... he will just find a way to get the job done. Recently he used his programming skills to help the district and saved us lots of $$$$$$ and time. Thank you so much MIKE FRY, you are one awesome guy who always comes to my rescue! - Elizabeth Gamache

3/12/14Carol Davidson: Carol created this really awesome Powerpoint to help a student she works with in Special Services. I just love it when staff use their technology skills to help them with their job and I especially SMILE when somebody uses their creative skills! WAY TO GO! - Elizabeth Gamache

3/12/14- Gerald Williams: When I go to work in the morning, Gerald always makes me laugh. Even when I am tired and feeling sluggish, he tells me a silly joke (half the time it is WAY over my head, but I still laugh). He makes work life fun. Thanks for your jokes, Gerald! - Elizabeth Gamache