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What's New for the 2020-2021 School Year?

Welcome back! Check out all the new, exciting changes happening!
Updated 7/29/20 (Please keep checking back for more additions)

Canon City Schools 2020-2021 Reopening Plan:

Technology Department

Removal of Quick Link Icons

  • We have removed of some of your favorite Quick Link Icons on the left tool bar for Quick Links on the Spectrum Quick Links page. Please use the ClassLink icon moving forward. ClassLink will give you access to Infinite Campus, Schoology, Destiny and other software that you are used to accessing.
  •  Class Link Icon: Class link
    • Why? 
      • This will help our district collect analytical data so we can better gauge the use of these systems and be able to justify cost/benefit for these systems going forward.
      • We, as district staff, are also modeling the use of Classlink for our kids.
      • Classlink also helps folks to access systems without the need to remember passwords.

State Reporting Website for our District:
To keep up to date with the state reporting needs, handouts and documentation, please use this page:

ID Badge Program: We are working on transferring material to there. We have also begun to use a new site for housing and distributing badges. We are now using Badgr. Stay tuned for even more content, and don't forget to request a badge/course if there is something you'd like PD on.

Nutritional Services:
Pay Schools:
The Nutrition Services Department now offers PaySchools Central with the QuikApps 2.0 portal as a resource for familes in our district!
The system allows you to quickly and easily make on line meal payments AND fill out free and reduced cost meal applications online on your PaySchools Central account in a secure, step-by-step portal. Click Here https://payschoolscentral.com/ to access your current account or register to make a payment and/or complete a free and reduced application.
With QuikApps 2.0, PaySchools Central becomes your onestop shop for all payments AND free and reduced lunch
You only need to fill out and submit one simple, automated online application for all your children in our district.
  • Once you submit the application, you’ll find out immediately if your children qualify. Qualified students automatically start receiving free or reduced-cost meals the next day.
  • All of the information you provide in the application is secure and private. And in the lunch line, no can tell who is receiving a free-or-reduced cost meal and who is not.
  • With QuikApps 2.0, you can fill out the free-and-reduced meal application on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • And QuikApps 2.0 is fully English-Spanish bilingual!

If you think your children might be eligible for freeand-reduced-cost school meals, just sign in to your
www.payschoolscentral.com account and fill out a
free-and-reduced application.

Construction Updates:
CCMS - Administration area, cafeteria, 8th grade section, wood shop, stage will be complete for the start of school.
1924 building they are starting to remodel it and completion date is scheduled for January 1st.
Demo of 1969, 1980 addition is scheduled for demo in January. At that point, they will then put in the parking lot.
Washington- The building is almost complete. We are looking at exterior completion date at the end of the September.
Canon City High School.  High School Tiger Dome is complete. The Tiger Dome got a new gym floor, new graphics, new bleachers and new pads on the walls. We created a Manufacturing lab at CCHS.
Lincoln School of Science and Technology
New Parking lot
McKinley Elementary School
Remodeled two classrooms for the new preschool
Repurposed the lunch room tables from CCMS to CES.

Welcome back! Check out all the new, exciting changes happening!
Updated 7/15/19 (Please keep checking back for more additions)
Work Orders/School Dude
We are now using a new Help Desk system.

State Reporting website for our District:
To keep up to date with the state reporting needs, handouts and documentation, please use this page:

Technology Department
  • SchoolDude Help Desk - It converted to a new work order system called "HelpDesk" we hope it will be easier and more intuitive for staff who need technical assistance.
  • ClassLink - This is a new single sign on system for all staff and students where passwords begin to be something of the past. Instructional Technology Coordinators (ITC = Dan and Deanna) and IT will be providing training to staff throughout the year.
  • Mobile Guardian - The mobile device classroom management system to allow teachers to manage student Chromebooks while in class. Also, it will allow parents to manage student Chromebooks that are taken home to be able to filter web sites as well as schedule times where students can access their devices or not.  
  • New WIFI access - New WIFI access points were implemented over the summer in Harrison, CCMS, CES and MVCKS to increase wireless access in every classroom for the roll-out of new Chromebooks to students.
  •  70" LCD TV's and Carts for Middle Schools - Every Middle School classroom will have a new tv and cart as well as a Chromebit device to be used for presenting digital content to students. These tv's will replace the old projectors. 
  • New Staff in IT - Please welcome Mike Helfrich and Michael Hawver who were hired with the IT Department over the summer to replace Rachel, Christina and Chase. Chase Welchen has moved up into the role of IT Repair Specialist. Elizabeth Gamache's role has also been changed to SIS Coordinator, providing the same great support but also emphasizing on coordinating and administrating state reporting needs for the district.

Renaissance Place: Three changes coming to Renaissance Place use this year:
New students available sooner
New students will be available in Renaissance Place (for STAR Math, STAR Reading, and STAR Early Literacy tests) much quicker this year. Due to a change in the way student records are maintained in Renaissance, students should be present in the system the day after the enrollment "start date" displayed in Infinite Campus.
Teacher accounts will use district usernames from now on
Teacher and staff accounts in Renaissance Place will use regular "district usernames" instead of whatever special RenPlace usernames might have been used in the past. Existing passwords have not been changed -- whatever password was being used last year is still being used this year, too.
Student accounts will use district usernames AND passwords
Starting this year, students will use their regular district usernames and passwords (that is, the ones they use to login to district computers) to access Renaissance Place. Up until now, students had a special RenPlace username and probably used "abc" as the password. Now, all student accounts will be keyed to district credentials.

Instructional Technology Department

Canon City Schools is proud to bring on-board new, standards aligned, engaging resources for four critical K-8 areas this year. Dedicated committees worked throughout the spring of the 2018-2019 school year to ultimately make resource recommendation to the Board of Education in June. All of the following resources were approved, and are currently en route to our schools:
Middle School Science: STEMScopes
Middle School English Langauge Arts: My Perspectives
Middle School Social Studies Updated: New version of TCI
Additionally, we'll be running a pilot on Elementary Science this year at Lincoln School of Science and Technology, again using the STEMScopes product for K-5 implementation:

Nutritional Services
Price Changes:
Canon City High School Breakfast $2.00, Lunch $2.75, Free/Reduced No Charge
Elementary School Breakfast $1.25, Lunch $2.50, Free/Reduced No Charge
The Universal Free Breakfast Program has been discontinued for the 19-20 School Year for all schools except Harrison and Washington schools.


Instructional Technology Department: